Contractor safety

Macquarie University is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all people undertaking work on our campus, this includes contractors and sub-contractors engaged to do work for and on behalf of the University. 

All contractors and subcontractors are expected to familiarise themselves and comply with the University's Health & Safety policies, procedures and safe work guidelines. The University's Health & Safety Policy establishes a framework that ensures all  members of the Macquarie University Community work in a safe working environment.

All contractors, sub-contractors and their employees are required to have completed the University's online contractor safety induction prior to commencing work on any University site. Specific inductions and certifications for confined spaces, hot or dangerous works are issued directly by Property. 

The Macquarie University staff member engaging a contractor is responsible for ensuring that a contractor has been inducted prior to commencing work(s) at the University. 

Contractor Management System

The contractor management system (CMS) is the vehicle to help ensure that, contractors are applying safe systems of work, and that arrangements are in place between the relevant parties to ensure hazards have been identified and risks controlled. The CMS contains a procedure that outlines how the elements are to be implemented and the responsibilities of those involved. There are templates and checklists to be used by those with responsibilities under the procedure. These are to be completed at each stage of the contractor engagement process.


Office based contractors

All office based contractors must complete the following Health and Safety Induction modules as soon as they are engaged by Macquarie University:

These courses are required to be re-taken every two years.

Note:  To access the Health and Safety courses you will need to use the following  -

  • Username: macquarie
  • Password: training

Non-office based contractors

All non office based contractors must complete the following WHS Induction course prior to commencing work (Macquarie University) -

Note: To access the induction course you will need to use the following -

  • Username: macquarie
  • Password: contractor